Notre Dame Preparatory School Legacy Circle

Legacy Circle LogoThe Legacy Circle honors those alumnae and friends who secure the financial wellbeing of Notre Dame Preparatory School by remembering Notre Dame through their wills, trusts, beneficiary designations or life income gifts. We are profoundly grateful for the generosity and forethought of these visionary donors, whose gifts will impact many future generations of Notre Dame students. Legacy Circle members are prominently listed in our Annual Report and in other appropriate publications.

Members of the Legacy Circle include:

Mr. Richard P. Auffarth
Donald & Ruthjane Stevens Barock '56
Elizabeth Deckert Bastio '59 *
Ms. Helen L. Baumiller
Mr. Gerard L. Baxter *
Mary Alice Jones Beeghly '83
Steven & Lauren O'Conor Berger '77
Mrs. Loriann W. Bobotek *
Ms. Sherry Boston
William B. Bristor *
Dorothy M. Brown, Ph.D. '50
Edward & Rosemary Litrenta Burchell '61
Mrs. Charles R. Butz *
Ms. Mary Lou Caldwell *
Miss C. Anne Carey *
Mr. J. Albert Chatard, Jr. *
Yara A. Cheikh '91
Cynthia A. Child '48 *
Mrs. DeSales Filbert Clemons
Estate of Ann M. Cloonan
M. Gale Costa '62
Mrs. Carla D. Cramer
Mrs. Margaret Cranston *
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cullen
Mrs. Edward A. Doehler *
Edith McParland Donohue, Ph.D. '56
Mrs. Anne Dougherty
Ms. Taryn Dunnaville
Henry C. Evans *
Ms. Mary C. Fraher
Mrs. Charles Gallagher
Mr. Jozef Goethals
Mrs. W. Randolph Hearst, Jr. *
Mr. Leonard J. Heckwolf *
Patricia Horn *
Stuart E. Hunt
Nancy Burch Hunter '51
Melia Prahl Ingram '68
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin J. Jason
Patricia L. Kirby, Ph.D. '67
Mary Shelley Darling Knach '75
Sally Ann Lawrence '56
Eileen Gallagher Leahy '74
Corinne E. Linton, Ph.D. *
Diane Dippold MacIntosh, Ph.D. '58
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Manzo
Ms. Mary Frances Martin
Mrs. Lauren S. May
Mrs. Martha C. McCaffray *
Maureen Murphy McCart '64
Laura Montalto McGonigle '84
William & Sheila McDonnell McHenry '62
Sheri Bialczak Miller-Leonetti '82
Sarah A. Mullen '64
Charles & Mary Kay Groeninger Nabit '84
James P. and *Bette Ellis O'Conor '46
Helen Muth Otell '53
Mrs. Catherine A. Owens *
Brian & Alison McGibbon Price '86
Lawrence R. Rachuba *
James & Michelle Batza Railey '86
Mr. Roger J. Rath
Katherine Pinto Regan '50
James & Mary Eleanor Feldmann Roberts '71
Mr. Edgar B. Rouse *
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Rudolph
Mrs. Nadine H. Sanborn *
John & Deborah Tracey McGibbon Santry '78
Mrs. Jean G. Sauerwald *
Cary Tunney Smedley '68
Jeanne L. Stanley, Ph.D. '82
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Strouse
Mrs. Albert E. Thompson, Jr. *
Mrs. Lisa M. Vogel
Emmy Lou Armacost Volenick '49
Mrs. Agnes von Rinteln *
Mrs. Joseph C. Wagner
Mrs. Patricia W. Waters *
Samuel & Margaret Frainie Wright '55
Anonymous Class of 1963
* deceased

To learn more about how to join the Legacy Circle, please contact:
Kristen S. Kinkopf, J.D.
Major and Planned Giving Officer
Phone: 410-583-8797
815 Hampton Lane
Towson, MD 21286